Welcome! I’m a writer, environmentalist, educator, farmer, and communicator.

My Mission

This collection of essays, interviews, reports, and research is built with the intention of connection through conversation.

As a young person in mainstream American society, I am conscious of the disconnect that so many of us experience from the land, our food, ourselves, and each other. This fracturing of the basic, foundational elements of human life is both cultural and political, environmental and spiritual. Therefore, this collection may seem at times to be all-encompassing, all pieces are crafted with the broad concept of deepening connection as the common thread. 

This collection explores agriculture, health, and community. It provides resources for connection and elevates individuals in New England communities who are already doing work in the areas of regeneration, intentional living, and general wellbeing. This work is happening among passionate teams and in the mind of young activists. It is happening in the form of soil regeneration, land restoration, intentional living, and the redefining of wealth. It is happening through collaboration and innovation. It is happening.

My ultimate intention for this collection of work is to highlight the promise that our communities, our projects, our ideas, and our conversations hold for the healing of our society and the shift toward a more connected, healthy, intentional future. It’s also intended to elevate opportunities for collaboration.